007 – The Golden Hop ™


Characteristics: Orange, tangerine, marmalade, pine and black tea

Alpha: 9-15%

Typical usage: Dual purpose



Previously known as Idaho 7, 007: The Golden Hop is the first hop release from Jackson Farms just outside of Boise. This hop is ripe with zesty oranges and tangerines that are reminiscent of marmalade. Its uniqueness shows up as a pleasant herbal character that melds with the citrus to come across like fine earl grey tea. 007 is a dual purpose hop capable of carrying a recipe, but it works best in conjunction with Citra or a bittering hop like Warrior.

Primarily used for aroma and dry hopping due to its potent aroma and flavor, but high enough alpha acids to contribute good bitterness.

Beer styles: Excellent as a single hop or part of a blend for IPA, pale ale, and hop-forward American wheat beers.

Characteristics: orange, tangerine, marmalade

Typical usage: Dual

Alpha acid: 9% – 15%
Beta acids: 4% – 5.5%
Cohumulone:  unknown
Total oils: 1 – 1.6ml/100g
Myrcene: unknown
Caryophyllene: unknown
Humulene: unknown
Farnesene:  unknown

US grown

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